A dedicated family-operated business.

For over 40 years, Dreison has been operated by the Berger family who takes an active role in daily management.

Our family roots and focus allows us to understand relationships and respond to customer needs quickly and personally.



Since inception, Dreison International, Inc.’s manufacturing companies have specialized in the design and manufacturing of proprietary products for both original equipment and aftermarket customers. Market focuses include heavy-duty truck, off-road equipment, mining, agriculture, industrial, medical, military, construction equipment, the power sports industries, and accessories and jewelry.


Dreison is a privately held, Cleveland, Ohio-based company with operations in Ohio, Texas, Mexico, Turkey, and China, and currently employs approximately five hundred people.


Dreison generates annual revenues of $100,000,000 USD across its four premier companies: SuperTrapp Industries, Maradyne Corporation, DCM Manufacturing, and FAZ Elektrik, as well as Kela Hair Jewellery.


One family, one focus. For over 40 years, Dreison has been operated by the Berger family, who takes an active role in daily management, allowing for authentic relationships and prompt, personal attention to customers.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

Vincent Van Gogh


Owned and operated by the Berger family
for 40 years, led by...

John Berger

Chairman & CEO, Dreison International

T. John Berger, Jr. is Chairman & CEO of Dreison International, Inc., founded by his father, Theodore Berger. John joined the family business in 1989 when it was just over $3 million in revenue. Previously, John was Manager at Price Waterhouse in the Audit Department in the Washington D.C. office. Since taking the helm at Dreison, he’s grown the firm into approximately $100million in revenue – and completed nearly 40 mergers & acquisitions along the way. He is a graduate of William & Mary College with a B.S. in accounting.

Kevin Berger

Vice President, Dreison International

Kevin began working for the family business immediately after college and today is the President of Supertrapp, while simultaneously focusing on overall corporate and product development for the Dreison International portfolio companies.

What's in a name?

“The name Dreison (dry sun) gets its roots directly from the family involvement...

What's in a name?

...it is derived from the German "drei" (three) and the English "son" literally meaning three sons.”

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